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Know your potential savings and impact

It is our mission to bring access to clean and sustainable energy. We made it easy for you to see the benefits of solar.

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This approximation is preliminary. We conduct on-site study based on your load profile and location.

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We empower industries by providing innovative financial and technological solutions to energy problems.

We specialize in providing end-to-end solar solutions, complete from expert energy assessment to lifetime support and maintenance.

Why Solar

One-time Investment, Lifetime Savings. With reduced costs and improved technology, now is the time to go solar.

  • Lower Energy Bill
  • Safe Investment
  • Negligible Maintenance
  • Upgrade your Property
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Save the Planet
  • For Everyone

Our Solutions

Finding and choosing a reliable solar provider is difficult.With Excell Energy, you get fully-customized solutions whether for your residential property, commercial building, or industrial facility.


Commercial / Industrial

What do we offer you?

  • Load Study
  • Optimized Design
  • Quality Components and Workmanship
  • Convenient Payment Terms
  • Web-based Monitoring
  • Warranty Management

Our Advantages

Once you decide to go solar we will handle all the details. Our experienced team will take your project from start to finish. Through design, engineering, permitting, installation, and after-sales service and maintenance, we are your partner 100% of the way.

Design and Engineering

Our team of expert solar and electrical engineers design the best system suited to your needs.

Value for Money

We make sure that your solar installation will result in guaranteed savings in your electricity bills.

New Products

We integrate new and reliable solar technologies to ensure your installation is completely up-to-date.

Competitive Pricing

We provide competitive and cost-effective solar solutions while providing best products and excellent workmanship.

Regulatory and Net Metering

We will guide you with all regulatory requirements for net metering if you opt for it for maximum benefits.

Maintenance and Monitoring

We utilize the best technologies for monitoring and we provide excellent maintenance and service.

Our Projects

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