What We Do

100% Renewable Energy Generation

Excell Energy is fully committed to be a major contributor towards a cleaner and healthier planet through sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

We aim to empower industries with clean and cost-effective energy. We do this by making solar more accessible through innovative financial and technological solutions, one solar rooftop at a time.

Energy Solutions Provider

Excell Energy designs custom end-to-end solar solutions to your energy problems. Starting with energy assessment up to installation of your system, we deliver the best solar system suited to your needs.

We do not stop there as we provide lifetime support, maintenance service, and upgrade options to make sure your solar system is up-to-date and is always at 100%.

Who We Are

Part of a diversified and growing group of innovative ventures

Excell Energy Powergen Corporation is a subsidiary of Mabuhay Energy Corporation, a Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) in the Philippines duly licensed by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

It is also one of the fast-growing members of the Aviva Prime Group of companies which is engaged in retail power supply, shipping and logistics, and telecoms infrastructure.

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Our Partners