Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why go Solar now?

    First, it’s abundant. Second, it’s a non-pollutant. Third, to save on your bills.

  • How does a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system work?

    The Solar PV cells absorb the energy from sunlight to produce a Direct current (DC). The inverter converts the DC into Alternating current (AC) which is used to supply electricity to our home equipment and appliances (aircon, TV, microwave, etc)

  • What is Net Metering?

    Net metering is a consumer incentive provided under the Renewable Energy Law of 2008. Net Metering allows house owners and commercial and industrial establishments to install solar PV systems up to 100kW on their rooftops.

    Electricity not consumed will be exported to the DU and its corresponding value will be given as credits to the consumer's next bill. In effect, the solar PV owner is able to generate savings on his electricity bill and hedge against rising electricity prices.

  • How much can I save on my electricity bills?

    This generally depends on the system size, your monthly consumption and the retail rate of your distribution utility (DU). A properly sized PV system can reduce your grid energy demand by up to 30%. Excell Energy designs optimized PV systems to allow you to maximize operational savings.

    In an example scenario, a customer with a demand of 1,000kWh incurs a monthly bill of Php 10,000.00 with a distribution utility's (DU) average retail rate of Php 10/kWh. With the solar installation, the demand from the grid has been reduced to around 700 kWh, and the monthly bill is now only around Php 7,000.00.